Microcasa was born from the desire to solve the problem of housing shortage and concern for the environment. Historically, Brazil faces adversity related to housing and the lack of planning with the disorganized growth of large urban centers has become a chronic problem. Irreparable damage was caused to nature by polluting and destroying forests, rivers and springs.


Microcasa's mission is to build sustainable homes with natural resources such as solar energy and rainwater harvesting, using environmentally friendly materials in regions that need housing solutions while respecting nature's balance.


Living well and with quality is synonymous with happiness and respect for the next generations.

The houses have bold concepts that through solar energy minimize your electric bill, heat your water and capture rainwater for reuse in bathrooms, kitchens, service areas and gardens. They are extremely efficient constructions and each house is delivered in a short time. Depending on your existing land and infrastructure, you get your home in a few weeks!

All of this thanks to the fast-paced precast construction system that provides a high-quality home with an efficient thermo-acoustic effect, that is, a warm winter home and refreshing summer home, while at the same time isolating noise, both external and internal.


Now comes the most interesting:

It is a sustainable and affordable housing concept with prices that suit all social classes. Our homes are ideal for singles, couples, young people, retirees, families, communities, villages, farms, beaches, mountains, gated communities, devastated areas, for everyone and anywhere! For every lifestyle, a Microcasa.


Come start the best phase of your life. Living well is an art.