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It's time to invest in real estate developments in Brazil

IRR from 15% to 40% by project.

Recession. Recovery. Expansion. Hyper Supply.


These are real estate business cycles that happen regardless of the economy.


In the case of Brazil we had a crisis in recent years that affected the sector in full. But thanks to that there are also opportunities previously inaccessible to the population. With high dollar it was cheap to buy in Brazil for foreigners. This country has many good and accessible areas. We are a huge country. Housing deficit is excessive and demand will rise steadily due to lowering of mortgage interest rates. All this presents unprecedented opportunity.


Looking to be part of any investment with high returns in 12 to 36 months in Brazil? The time is right now.


We have the most opportunities in the state of São Paulo, such as closed multi-family condominiums, pre-fab buildings projects, built to suit and commercial real estate projects. We can attend you and tailor the solutions depending on your investment capital.

Contact us via email at invest@micro.casa and we will present you with a portfolio of opportunities to grow together.