Welcome to innovative concept of living, joining technology and comfort with ecological conscience. We present you a Brazilian project made by professional specialized in sustainable construction. Our projects prioritize utilization of clean energy and reusable water, saving resources and money to future inhabitants.  


microcasa 20


A studio house with 1 bedroom. Ideal for students, travelers, and people living alone.

Private space for dynamic living, with well-kept areas, offering comfort and modernity.


Micrcasa 40

Cozy house with 2 bedrooms and differentiated plant.

American kitchen and large outdoor balcony. It's a lot of use of space! Ideal for a small family.


Microcasa 80

House 80 meters


Your perfect micro home, now on two floors.


Personalization is synonymous with this home, with 3 or 4 bedroom floor plan options, both with 1 suite, home-office, living room / dining room separation.



Large, modern and flexible house. Floorplan options.